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Angel Face fl
   clear medium lavender blushes of ruby
Angel Face Cl
   clear medium lavender blushes of ruby
Barbara Streisand
   rich lavender blushing darker
Blaze Cl.
   pure even red
Cape Diamond
   Prue Pink
Carfree Beauty
   clear pink
Carefree Delight
   even medium pink
Carfree Spirit
   red & white bicolor with a white 'eye'
Chris Everet
   elon orange blushig red
Chrysler Imperial
   velvety dark red
Cinco De Mayo
   smokey lavender & rusty red-orange blend
Crimson Boquet
   bright red velvet
Dick Clark
   cream &cherry blushed burgandy
Double Delight
   cream blushing red
Don Juan Cl
   deep velvety red
   dusty velvet red
Gental Giant
   vibrant pink with a golden glow
Gourmet Popcorn
   bright white
Grande Dame
   super saturate rose pink
Home Run
   flame-red offspring of knock out
Home Run pink
Hot Cocoa

   mokey chocolate orange
Iceberg Brilliant pink
   cerise pink & cream blend
Iceberg Burgandy
   purple-red burgandy/cream reverse
   Novel plum purple
Josephs Coat
   multicolors of red,pink,orange and yellow
John F Kennedy
   greenish white
Knock Out
   light red to deep pink
Dbl Knock Out
Pink knock Out

   deep pink/light red
Rainbow Knock Out
   shades of coral pink & yellow
   ruby red
   cream, golden, coral, and pink
Mardi Gras
   blended yellow,orange & pink
   rich lavender kissed purple
   lemony yellow edged pure pink
Pearly Gates Cl
   pastel pearl pink
Pink Promise
   pink & cream blend
Purple Splash Cl
   apricot gold w/ a patterned yell reversed
Queen Elizabeth
   clear pink
Royal Gold Cl
   Deep golden yellow
   burgandy-red swirled with creamy white
Sky's The Limit cl
   buttery yellow
   apricot gold w/ a patterned yell reversed
   pastel coral pink
St. Patrick
   yellow-gold shaded green
Topsy Turvy
   brillant scarlet with a white reverse
Touch of Class
   glowing coral pink
   orange-juice orange
Warm & Fuzzy
   christmasy red
We Salute U
   two-toned warm orange & pink
pink & burg iceburg
   36" tree
easy going & livin easy

Kircher's Flowers enjoys providing a large selection of flowers, but there are a limited quanity of each of the items listed.