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Kircher's Flowers has partnered with the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau and the Paulding Chamber of Commerce in an effort to beautify the cities of Defiance and Paulding. For several years you may have noticed beautiful matching planters throughout the Defiance downtown area and Paulding Square. Imagine those planters placed throughout the community. What a simple way to enhance the beauty of our hometowns and express our community pride.

As a business owner we know how busy you are, so let Kircher's Flowers do the work for you!

  Here's How it Works:

First year participants will pay a start up fee of $99 per combination planter including the pot and delivery. Each year after that the fee will be $70 including delivery. At the end of the year, Kircher's Flowers will pick up the combination planter and store the pot for the following year.

Combination planters will be delivered starting the beginning of May until May 15th. Each planter will come in a 24" plastic combination pot filled with a mix of beautiful annuals such as geraniums, sweet potato vine, wave petunias, migilla, perilla, irisine, gryphon begonias and ibosa vine. Watering is important to keep your planter healthy.

Remember, it is the responsibility of the business owner to keep the planter watered.

Your Cost:
Retail Prices:
New Planter: $115.41
Refill: $80.42
Delivery Fee: $10.00
If you would like to reserve your combination pot today or if you have any questions regarding the program, please call Katie at 419-784-5321 or send an email to fred@kirchersflowers.com.

Defiance Development & Visitors Bureau
Paulding Chamber of Commerce